A Great Day at Charing Glider Club


So you cant fly a drone near an aircraft or airfield right !!! not exactly true you can with a stack load of planning, a few weeks ago we got the chance to visit a local glider club and do some filming which was pretty exciting, so after several emails and a trip to the club to do a site survey and have a good look around and speak to the folks there about the kind of thing we hoped to do. we packed up the Inspire 2 and X7 camera and of we went. now flying for any commercial job involves a ridiculous amount of paper work and planning so you can only imaging how much planning and paper work we had to do to fly the drone on an airfield and around very expensive aircraft both landing and taking of, not to mention the winch line and there tow plane



Its fair to say for the first flight we were a little anxious but once we had done a bit of flying we realized it was going to be a great morning, the folks at the club were thrilled to have us there and made us feel extremely welcome and were genuinely interested in the drone and what we could do. making sure our spotters kept an eye at for aircraft coming in to land we set about getting some great shots but not everything we wanted so we will be going back in a week or so.


It was great to flying around these incredible machines and seeing the workings of a club like this and the professional attitude of everyone there. well worth the planning.


I have made a very short edit of some footage so I hope you enjoy it and watch out for the final video on this website soon.




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