What We Do

FlyHigh Aerial Imaging drone photography and video offer a wide selection of aerial filming including 24MP stills photography and 6K video, we also offer ground based photography and video services using state of the art Nikon Cameras…

With the technology and flexibility UAV’s offer accessing previously hard to reach locations, FlyHigh Aerial Imaging drone aerial video and photography can capture stunning 4K video.

Our Passion for this industry is clear when it comes to our creative approach to photography, with the use of our drones shooting amazing and mind blowing aerial photography is now easier, greener and faster than ever.


With the high cost of complying with HSE guidance in the construction industry the simplest of projects can turn into an expensive task. We can provide drone photography and video, 3D mapping, and drone survey  for aerial construction photography.


A video of a property is far more engaging than a photo and gives potential buyers a real insight into the property’s feel and surroundings with FlyHigh Aerial Imaging drone aerial photography and video imaging this is now easier and cheaper than ever.


Having course fly overs really helps future potential members and players get a good feel for the course and shows of its full potential, we have all watched the TV coverage of tournaments and though wow that course looks good ! so imaging having that for your on course online for all to see. a great way to promote what you have to offer.

We know how important your event is to you be it a live music event, sporting event or a wedding we can help capture your amazing day. From aerial stills photos to video our fully insure pilot can capture your event from a unique and thrilling perspective.

If you do not see the services you require here or just want to ask a few questions about what we do please call us today +447766 837189

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