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Drone Roof Inspections and Aerial Surveys Reducing Risk and Cost.


With the high cost of complying with HSE guidance in the construction industry the simplest of projects can turn into an expensive task. With our inspection aerial asset services, drone surveys and aerial construction photography we can take a look at potential problems meaning you don’t have to hire in expensive equipment unnecessarily

Our drone surveys and drone roof inspections enable us to look at areas you cant see from the ground, our approach to aerial drone survey’s,, construction aerial photography and asset inspections is to keep your costs to a minimum as well as eliminating safety risk for up high working. Our state of the art camera systems enable us to get a close up look giving you the footage in video or photo format for you to best plan the work needed in the most cost effective way and our ground station link enables you or your surveyor to view images live making sure we get to the problem areas.



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We use the latest software and technology for our drone surveying and mapping enabling us to process the data we collect to give our clients the most accurate information and deliverable possible

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