Drone Roof Survey’s….. are they worth while ?

The other day we had the chance to enjoy the unusually warm weather for this time of year while filming some farm equipment and checking a couple of roofs after the winter weather,

It’s an expensive process to send anyone up a roof or grain tower and there are a lot of safety risks and compliance issues involved, so its much easier and cheaper for us to take a look and identify any possible problems before they become a major issue costing thousands.

Our roof surveys start from as little as  £250 and we can provide high quality images of potential problem areas,

Although a drone roof survey can vary in price you can be confident knowing that it is much cheaper than traditional methods, A buildings construction for dealing with rainwater for instance is very important to the integrity of the building, blocked gutters bad tiles or flashing if not spotted early can cause serious problems and costs later down the line with building repairs, not to mention the risk to the contents of the barn or building.

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If you are buying a property a Full Home Buyers Survey is a great idea but again does not cover the full picture,  Having a drone survey can be a very worthwhile investment not only showing damage to roof tiles or led flashing it can give you an insight into the overall condition of the property, blocked guttering. areas where water has gathered. poor render or broken tiles all show poor maintenance and potential problems to come.

The cost of a drone roof survey is excellent value for money and very cost effective call us today to arrange yours.

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