Night Shoot in London

A few weeks ago we took part in a night shoot in London something we were very excited about, For an approved operator it is very possible to fly a UAV in the capital there are of course areas that are harder than others but with the right planning and permissions it can be done.

You have to consider airspace like anywhere else although London’s is very busy not only do you have the airports but the are busy helicopter routes to consider also you need to make sure you are in control of the area and you have the correct permission to land and take of.

But if you do it right and do it safely its a great backdrop for some amazing images and we certainly were thrilled to be there.

London at night is a stunning site with all the lights from the building and ambient light from the streets, this was certainly one of those moments when we were glad we had our Night Ops permission.

We flew with the Inspire 2 and X7 camera which captured some great shots and having the long lens capability of the 35mm and 50mm meant we could fly at a safe and legal distance but still capture some stunning video making us look as if we were right amongst the buildings, this on top of being able to shoot in 6K meant we could crop the video clips even more enabling that real close in feel.