Legal Stuff

About the laws and Regulations:

As with all professional Unmanned Aerial Units there are regulations we must abide to when carrying out uav drone photography and video these regulations are for the public’s, yours and our safety and there to help everyone get the best from there flight: 

Below is a summary of the key areas that we have to adhere to:
. We cannot fly directly over people, roads or buildings that are not under our control.

. We need a line of sight with the Drone at all times.
. There are strict flight restrictions around airports.
. We can fly up to 400 feet above Ground level (Higher flights need special permission from the CAA)

. We must not fly more than 500 meters from the operator.

. We must get the landowners permission for take off and landing.
. Each job requires a site assessment and risk assessment.

We are very used to dealing with the laws and regulations for UAV’s so if you have any questions or concerns about the suitability of your project for UAV use please give us a call where we will be happy to offer no obligation guidance and advice.

All FLYHIGH Aerial Imaging flight operations will be carried out strictly in accordance with UK national legislation CAP 722 and CAP 393

TEL: 0333 577 1974