Show potential members and players what you have to offer with stunning gold course drone filming

A few weeks ago on a very hot July day we we asked to film at Broome Park Golf Club just outside Canterbury in Kent and about an hours drive from London, as an avid golf fan this was a great job for us spending the day on a golf course with the drone was the best of both world,

There are a lot of very good courses in the Kent and London area and Broome Park is by far one of the best with a challenging course, practice greens and driving range.

So we took the DJI Inspire 2 fitted with the X7 Camera and set work, well after we  waited for the players to clear the first green of course, and there is where the time goes filming a golf course takes a long time and for commercial promotional use you want to see as much of the course as possible so the best time to film and not get long heavy shadows in the shots is around mid day so you can expect the course to be busy , you have to be patient remembering plenty of signs and warnings of UAV use, we briefed the guys in the pro shop and they were also making everyone aware there was filming going on so with all the safety measures in place and very cooperative members we could concentrate on getting some nice shots.

Having course fly overs really helps future potential members and players get a good feel for the course and shows of its full potential, we have all watched the TV coverage of tournaments and though wow that course looks good ! so imaging having that for your on course online for all to see. a great way to promote what you have to offer.







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