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CAA approved drone operators based in Canterbury Kent and London and travel worldwide …


TEL: 0333 577 1974


What We Offer Aerial Imaging

  • Aerial cinematography and photography

  • Wedding and events filming

  • Television and broadcasting

  • Live events

  • Commercial filming

  • Promotional videos

  • Industrial photography and filming

  • Surveys

Why Use Us

  • We have over 10 years experience

  • We have permission for night filming.

  • We can shoot up to 6K CinemaDNG and ProRess

  • We shoot ground based video and photography

  • Incredible low light imagine for night shoots

  • We are CAA approved and insured

  • We have competitive prices

  • We are friendly and reliable

Flight Distances

CAA guidelines stipulate we can fly to a maximum altitude of 400ft (120m). and 500m out using Vlos (visual line of site) we can fly beyond these limits but require additional permission from the CAA in advance of the flight.

Flying at Events

We can fly at events for crowds under 1000 people but we must stay 50 meters away and cannot fly over people not under our control, if your event is larger than 1000 people this distance increases to 150 meters.


Like all aircraft we are limited by the weather we cannot fly in the rain or high winds, our craft will fly in winds up to 22mph, high winds can have an effect on the stability of the footage and make it difficult to perform certain maneuvers.

TEL: 0333 577 1974