Property Marketing Photography and Video using Drones.

Providing stunning aerial shots for estate agents is one way to help showcase amazing properties for there clients, 

Being able to view the whole area of a location or the boundary lines of a property really help potential buyers to see the bigger picture. the advantage to this is it not only gives the client a more positive feeling of the property but can also help clients unsure of an area or location see for themselves if its the right property for them, this means that viewings potentially are much more suited to the property.

Another great option is video, video offers an even more engaging opportunity,  imagine stunning aerial shots moving around the property, low sweeping movements and high birds eye views all beautifully edited with captions and music. we can even offer internal fly through’s and ground filming to really add impact the the film. all of which is optimized for website and social media.

This is where drone hire with an approved CAA operator can really help it offers engaging content and is cost effective. with a trained and experienced operator. insuring you’re doing everything legally*

So if you’re an estate agent reading this blog get in touch, lets have a chat we are based in Kent and London but travel all over the UK and are happy to have a chat about us doing something for you.

you have nothing to lose by picking up the phone and giving us a call on 07766 837189 or email us at

*Remember using an unlicensed non CAA approved and insured drone operator commercially is illegal with heavy fines and possible imprisonment.  don’t get caught out stay legal.

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