Some of our equipment…

Z-CAM 6K Camera

With the Z-CAM E2 S6 Super 35mm camera 12 Bit ProRess Raw & ProRess HQ, 6K 60 fps & 4k 100fps and 14 stops of dynamic range, we are able to offer the highest quality ground filming, With its supper 35 mm sensor and 6K capability and incredible low light performance.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Our DJI Mavic 2 Pro with its amazing Hasselblad camera and 1 inch sensor offers uncompromising image quality and is a great little drone for locations where space is limited. Delivering video in 10 bit Dlog H265 Codecs yeilding a higher dynmic range for far more flexibility for colour grading.

DJI Ronin-RS2

 "Using the new DJI Ronin RS2 camera gimbal we can open up a world of creative possibilities for hand held cinematic filming using top of the range cinema cameras filming in 6K, adding a dynamic and engaging perspective to any project"

DJI Inspire 2 X7

Our DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 camera enables us to get true movie quality footage, The Inspire 2 combined with the Super 35mm Zenmuse X7 camera lets us shoot high bit rate video at a stunning 100mbps in H264 or H265 Codecs in either Apple ProRes 442 or 4444 or CinemaDNG raw up to 6K.

“Great pilot, great kit and great results. FlyHigh Imaging are easy to work with, thorough, professional and helpful. The perfect drone experience!” – Kersh Media, Canterbury


Dynamic and captivation aerial cinematography


With the technology and flexibility UAV’s offer accessing previously hard to reach locations, positions and heights to capture your amazing video is now achievable at a fraction of the cost of hiring in Helicopters, FlyHigh Aerial Imaging offer drone Photography and  Cinematography in up to 6K broadcast quality formats

Our state of the art drones have the very latest camera technology insuring you get the highest quality footage in the best deliverable result,

The video signal from the drone is transmitted to our ground station which means you can view what we see insuring we get exactly the shot you require. Based in Canterbury, Kent we travel worldwide for our clients so where ever your project is give us a call today.

CAA Approved Drone Hire for Photography and Filming, Canterbury, Kent, 07766 837189

Where can you fly ?

We are licensed by the CAA to fly UK wide but we must obtain land owners permission for landing and take off, we are also able to fly and film over water.

Do you only shoot aerial images ?

We can also offer ground based photography and filming services in fact we have over 10 years experience in professional photography and videography.

Can you work abroad ?

Yes we can, we are happy to travel anywhere in the world but we do need to arrange permission to fly from that countries aviation governing body which can take a little time.

TEL: 0333 577 1974