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FlyHigh Aerial Imaging Drone Photography Based In Kent & Capturing Amazing Aerial Footage Across the UK

FlyHigh Aerial Imaging are based in Kent on the South East Coast Ideally situated to capture aerial shots throughout the South of England.

We are one of the few Operators in the country that have a special exemption from the CAA called an OSC (Operational Safety Case) that allows us to operate at much reduced distances, this means we can capture footage many other drone companies cant.

We specialize in aerial filming from Property Marketing to TV and Film.

million liability insurance

We are professional CAA accredited and approved operators and are trained and experienced in drone operations and cinematography, we are based in Canterbury Kent and London but travel worldwide. Our editing experience means we can offer customers a quick turnaround. Our flight experience means we can get the job planned with minimal delays to the client. We operate with a standard 2 million liability which can be up scaled to 10 million if required.

hours flown

FlyHigh Aerial Imaging are one of the leading drone filming and photography operators in the UK. We operate worldwide and have worked on a variety of large and small filming and commercial projects. We also offer filming and photography for residential estate agents, commercial clients, weddings and events as well as live broadcasting and sporting events. Along with our night time permissions this means we are able to cater for most projects.

years experience

Our DJI Inspire 2 and Inspire 1 Pro craft offer the very best in safety and filming technology, Our Inspire 2 is fitted with the outstanding Zenmuse X7 super 35mm camera which offers 14 stops of dynamic range and codecs ranging from CinemaDNG Raw to Apple ProRes 442 and 4444 codecs with the ability to film in up to 6K. Add to this our ability to offer ground based filming and photography making us a one stop shop for all your project requirements.

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CAA approved drone operators Canterbury Kent and London


We have permission to fly at night




With the correct planning we can operator at any distance for most jobs and with the power of the super 35mm sensor and incredible low light capabilities on our Zenmuse X7 camera we can produce cinema quality results day or night….

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FlyHigh Aerial Imaging have spent a lot of time and investment into providing skilled operations and top of the range equipment to insure the maximum quality and impact for our customers. We strive to deliver the content you need with maximum creativity at a reasonable cost.
We work to a as fast as possible turnaround with an easy file delivery system to keep your workflow as hassle free as possible and with our available in house editing service we can keep everything in one simple package delivered to you ready to go.
Once we arrive at the shoot location we will conduct our site surveys and safety assessments and client briefing to make sure we are clear on the filming or photography you require, once this is complete we can start the flight, a monitor can be provided for you if requested.

TEL: 0333 577 1974