Night filming in London with a Drone


We were working in London the other evening and managed to grab a couple of photos while in the air, Its very possible to fly in London safely but does take some planning.

We managed to get some shots from both our locations at Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf in the above shot we were flying over the Thames you can just see a part of Tower Bridge  in the bottom left corner, this is our favorite photo we love the colours in this one.

Here is a gorgeous sunset photo of tower bridge, we wanted to capture the contrast in colours between the sunset and the buildings, what do you think did we manage it ? we have Tower Bridge nicely framed buy the Shard and the Walkie Talkie shaped Building on the far right. we shot all these photos on the Inspire 2 using the X7 camera.

Tower Bridge in all its night time glory our ISO was at 1600 and the X7 was stunning almost no noise and after minimal post production we ended up with this shot.

And finally Canary Wharf its amazing how night can transform a city, we love this shot again over the Thames if memory serves we were at about 300ft using a 35mm lens on the X7 camera to give a nice tight shot.

so there are a couple of photos what do you think do you like them, which ones your favorite ? leave us a comment below.


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